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Part 6 of 12 – Emotional

Guest: Kori Raishon

Their are many emotional aspects involved when family members have to say goodbye to loved ones.

This evening we will discuss how to cope with saying goodbye and tending to the matters it presents.

Felton Wooten in his 12 part series on elder care instructs the listeners through interviews on the proper care for those at home and how to determine if your elderly relative is being abused in a care facility.

Felton Wooten is an author, workshop presenter, licensed Nursing Home Administrator and licensed Assistive Living Administrator. His most recent book is “Daddy the Other Parent”. He has co-authored an Abuse Prevention for the Caregiver Manual, developed a training DVD on elder abuse prevention and published an article in the Values Realization Journal on “Making a Career Change”. www.thinkBIGradio.com/feltonwooten



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