PonderThis! What Is Love? With ESNAVI

We asked. PonderThis! What Is Love? “Love is the unconditional care and concern for someone that is unwavering.  Love is an intense feeling of joy brought by someone or something.  Love is a deep romantic affection for someone.  Love is the most powerful force on Earth.” – ESNAVI

PonderThis! What Is Love? with Veronica Conway

RaiVision asked, PonderThis! Veronica Conway, What is Love? She answered, “When two souls meet and are deeply in tune with one another…that is love.” We will discuss her response along with learning how she sees and knows love for her self and for the community she serves.

PonderThis! What is Love? with Tiffani Knowles

Tiffani Knowles of NEWD Magazine will discuss ‘What is Love?’ with your host RaiVision, the advocate of Love and the conceptualist of the PonderThis! Love-Lifestyle brand. When asked, Tiffani Knowles said that “Love is sacrificing yourself from something outside of you.”  Connect with us and join the conversation.

D’EE’P Xposure: Artists Moving and Owning in America

TINA JETTER & JON RIESCH Speaks about her first feature film that she has written, acted and directed: Saving You, Saving Me. Jon Riesch has a major lead role in in the film. She will talk about her first feature film where I played the lead: A Husband’s Lethal Intentions. Her last short film which […]