Aging Gracefully Elder Care Series -pt 3: the Milke Plan w2 wage earners

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Aging Gracefully Elder Care Series 909 232-9222 to listen live Press 1 # to ask questions Part 7 of 12: Social Programs For Assistance pt. 3   Guest: Kevin McCants, Co-Founder The Milke Plan’s Single-Payer Model & Special Guest Topic: How The Milke Plan’s Single-Payer Model Affects W-2 Wage Earners. Join us for this […]

Personal & Business Development Series: Determining Your ZERO – Episode 1 Lesson 2

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Host: BIG 9:30 pm est Call 909 232-9222 Press 1 # To Ask Questions & Join The Conversation! Personal & Business Development Series  Episode 1 – Know Your ZERO Lesson 2 – Minding Your Money Chapter 1 – Building Your Foundation Of Wealth Download Companion Manual Download Excel Worksheet & Watch User Video Join us Monday evenings 9:30 pm est to cover […]

Candice Harris: CEO Shares how her Non-profit serves her constituents.

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  Host: BIG Guest: CEO Candice Harris 10/06/17 6:00 pm est 909 232-9222 to listen live! for archived version   Join us a Candice shares with our listeners how her non profit came into existence. 1. What lead her to take this journey 2.,Her greatest challenges 3., What separates her nonprofit from other […]

Dr Adria Luster: Overcoming Obstacles In Your Daily Living

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Host: Ms Rayn Guest: Dr. Adria E. Luster  909 232-9222 to listen live. Press 1# to ask questions Overcoming Obstacles 7 Steps To Overcome Obstacles And Avoiding Self Imposed Situations That Cause Hardship. Dr. Adria E. Luster serves as an educator in the Atlanta area that has dedicated her life to serving at-risk […]

Phyllis D. Brooks: Motivational Speaker, Author & Youth Motivator!!

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Host: BIG Guest:Phyllis D Brooks 909 232-9222 to listen live! Press 1 to ask questions! to listen online or to archived version! Phyllis understands the power of early instruction. Listen as she shares with you how her passion enabled her to write awesome educational books & three of her most important steps to create […]

Tamar Time with Guest Katie Howell – Discovering Opportunities In Problems

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Monday 8/7/2017  10 AM cdt 909 232-9222 press 1# To Ask Questions Live Host: Tamar Rich Guest: Katie Howell Listen in as the Tamar enRICHes series shows you how to discover hidden opportunities in the challenges you perceive as problems. By looking at problems as opportunities we can change a problematic circumstance into a […]

Tamar Time: Rich4 Race – STEM-Rant

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Monday 6/19/2017 10 am cdt 909 232-9222 For Questions press #1 The Tamar EnRICHes series will follow the journey of the Rich4 Race -STEM-Rant A youth project featuring the Rich4Kids: a group of children from Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee working together to establish a tiny house community that will be the headquarters for a summer camp […]

Relationship Series: Divorce & The Christian View

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6-7-17 6:30 pm est 909 232-9222 Press #1 to ask questions.       Guest: Jamie Manning Esq Every relationship does not last, although we always have the best intentions. Many factors can come into play where the worse cannot get any better. There is a way to handle this disappointment in a civil […]