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Rescheduled Thursday August 31st 9pm est 

I’m here to help you achieve that big goal or dream you have deep down inside of you.
Get clear on what the goal is and what success looks like.Determine the steps that you need to take to get there.Hold you accountable and motivated along the path.
By taking small steps every day I’ve gone:
From working in my uncle’s carnival that I hated, to running my own amusement equipment brokerage.From being morbidly obese and on seven prescription meds a day, to being in the best health of my life.From not knowing what a website was or how I would start one, to running two websites, two blogs, and publishing two self help novels.From a frightened first radio show appearance to a prolific guest on radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube programs.
You too can accomplish big things. You just need a little help. I’m here to get you unstuck and moving down the path to success.


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