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M.U.S.T. L.I.S.T.E.N. T.O. G.E.T. Series on Personal & Business Development!

Money Mondays BIG and GUESTS  uncovers the method to amplify your potential.  Various experts will cover in 30 minute live and recorded interviews a step by step process to cover every facet from idea to implementation of your personal and entrepreneurial passions.

Monday Nov. 28th 2016  9:30 pm EST

 (Press #1 To Raise Hand From Phone)

909 232-9222 To Ask Questions & Listen Live

Guest: Dorothee Racette

Topic: The Importance of Time

www.takebackmyday.com       http://www.takebackmyday.com/blog/archives/07-2016

Dorothee is an expert when it comes to time management. She will cover one of the most important aspects to becoming successful through time balance, time management and maximizing your productivity.

If you are having a tough time making time to complete key essentials of your business or life, This is a must listen Interview.

Time To Make Time!

This series comes with a workbook that covers the first lesson – Who Are You? 

You can click here to download for free! 



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