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The Tamar EnRICHes series will follow the journey of the Rich4 Race -STEM-Rant A youth project featuring the Rich4Kids: a group of children from Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee working together to establish a tiny house community that will be the headquarters for a summer camp they are launching this summer.

Within this series you will learn our backstory, Our present story, and our future story in which you will also be given opportunities to become a part of the Rich4 Family Connection.

From time to time you will hear interviews from other professionals with a valuable insight and information important to our organization as well as to you and where you are on your designated life’s journey.

Therefore this series won’t be limited to just the business ear. Any person striving towards their dream with passion and determination will be enlightened by The Tamar EnRICHes series.

In Today’s show we will discuss where we are now. there’s so much to talk about within that segment alone that I will keep it short and simple and give you a little bit about that update, inform you of our contact information and how you can reach us, and ways to become a part of our organization.

I will also take your calls and answer your questions, so I look forward to having all of you with me for Tamar Time this Monday at 11 AM Eastern time 10 Central right here on thinkBIGradio

“I decided to build a place for them to come and now they are on their way.”


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