ThinkBIGradio founded in 2007 is an internet based media outlet streamed worldwide with over 200,000 archived listeners and growing. Our Show interviews today’s leading professionals in the realty, business, financial, entertainment, networking and self help sectors. We have interviewed over 250 “BIG Thinkers” across the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
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    Industry Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Action Oriented Professionals Sharing Their Experience

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    Angel Investors, Bank C.E.O.s, Hard Money Lenders, Credit Rebuilders Sharing Insider Tips

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    Branding & Social Media Experts explaining the proper ways to build profitable networks

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    Producers, Actors, Actresses, Singers, Health Practitioners, Authors Sharing Insightful Philosophies


Our Team Consists Of Business Owners That Can Solve Any Challenge You Face
Felton Wooten
Live, Love & Learn…..Click “Host ThinkBIGradio” For More Info On Felton
Shenoba Kinsey
Creating Diversity & Cultivating Unity…..Visit Host Page For More Info On Shenoba
Yasmine Ortiz
B3LI3VE In YOU……Click “Host ThinkBIGradio for More Info On Yasmine
H. Cortez
Bringing Practical, Proven Wealth Building Strategies To The Working Class…..Visit Host Page For More Info On H. Cortez
Dr. Cha Cha
Dr. Sonia Kennedy, on air personality Dr. Cha Cha – .Click “Host ThinkBIGradio” For More Info On Dr. ChaCha
Deanna Cowling
Where BIGthinkers Go From Chasing The Dream To Living The Dream…..Visit Host Page For More Info On Deanna
Keisha Covington
Encouraging Creativity, Innovation, & Achieving Excellence…..Click “Host ThinkBIGradio” For More Info On Keisha
Louiseza Sanderson
Networking Our Net Worth…..Visit Host Page For More Info On Louiseza
This Could Be You (Program Director)
Job Description Located Via Link With Procedure To Apply.
Carla Daniels Stokes
Sometimes You Have To Close Your Eyes To See Clearly…..View More Info On Corporate Page
Ken BIG Blake
The Worlds #1 Financial Empowerment Motivator…..Click C.V.O. ThinkBIGradio For BIGs Host Page
Dr. Adriene Hobdy
You Can Always Choose To Do The Right Thing & Feel Good About Yourself……View More Info On Corporate Page