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PonderThis! What Is Love? With ESNAVI

We asked. PonderThis! What Is Love? “Love is the unconditional care and concern for someone that is unwavering.  Love is an intense feeling of joy brought by someone or something.  Love

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PonderThis! What Is Love? with Veronica Conway

RaiVision asked, PonderThis! Veronica Conway, What is Love? She answered, “When two souls meet and are deeply in tune with one another…that is love.” We will discuss her response along with

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PonderThis! What is Love? with Tiffani Knowles

Tiffani Knowles of NEWD Magazine will discuss ‘What is Love?’ with your host RaiVision, the advocate of Love and the conceptualist of the PonderThis! Love-Lifestyle brand. When asked, Tiffani Knowles said

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D’EE’P Xposure: Artists Moving and Owning in America

TINA JETTER & JON RIESCH Speaks about her first feature film that she has written, acted and directed: Saving You, Saving Me. Jon Riesch has a major lead role in

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PonderThis! What is Love? with Amina S. Carter

“Love has been an (r)evolutionary journey for me. In this season of my life, it is the only currency in which I exchange with people. They don’t necessarily have to

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How Childhood trauma may be affecting our adult lives and Money.

We have all experienced traumatic events in our lives. however, some events stay with us way well beyond our childhood following us into our Adulthood.  This show will talk about what

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Prosperity: Debt Reduction

The founder of  Trivesta, Joe Cherry talks about how PROSPIO® provides clients with an easy to use online tool to minimize both time and interest paid on all debt. Their solution provides individuals with useful

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Putting A Hurt on Poverty: The Black Panther Vs. The Black Economy

The Long Awaited Marvel move The Black Panther brought in an expected 400 million dollars to the box office. What does this mean for the black community? What will Disney

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DPXclusive: The Future of Black Film

This is a D’EE’PXclusive program: Kori Raishon along with his special guests, China Colston, Gabriel Rich, Kara Ford and Veronica will discuss the future success of Black films. A 90minute introduction,

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School Shootings! Are our Children really safe, what can we do?

With over 300 shootings since 2013 and 17 since 2018. We have our work cut out for us. What can we do? How can we do it and is it

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D’EE’P Xposure: Video, Hip-Hop, and Radio

We are exposing the following talent. Herb Brooks of Brooksvision Productions will discuss his background and his production services. He will also give insight to video in the black market along

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Host Hurt Porter III: Part 2 -Learning From Segregation Growing From Integration

Hurt Porter III is passionate about  your WEALTHfare! Join Him Thursday Feb 8th 2018 12pm est for part two of his two part series.. “ Learning From Segregation… Growing From

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