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D’EE’P Xposure invites you to meet and learn about…

TIFFANI KNOWLES: Of proud Jamaican and Bahamian heritage and as the co-author of the book HOLA AMERICA: Guts, Grit, Grind and Further Traits in the Successful American Immigrant. Learn more about what the book is saying about real life experiences.

MELISSA BERNIER: A New York native of Haitian descent, Ms. Bernier is the Principal and Managing Attorney of Bernier Legal, LLC, a boutique Entertainment, Fashion and Business Law firm. Learn more about what she is offering her clients.

GABRIEL RICH: The Indigenous Ame’rican Indians, also known as negroes and today called African Americans. The reality; most of the negroes you see in America are actually from the Americas and not Africa. Learn more about what he is saying about America.


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